“Running a small business takes SMARTS, DETERMINATION and WORKING CAPITAL which is the lifeblood of small business for business related expenses—from marketing a grand opening to handling the costs of expansion.”

Small Business Loans
Loans range from $10,000 ‐ $10,000,000. Terms range from 2 months to 10 years Interest rates range from 5 to 25%
Fixed interest and micro payments are collected on working business days or weekly bases.
Successful repayments build strong personal and business credit.
No need to change the credit card processors.
We fund first position as well as second and even third positions.
Decisions in as little as in couple of hours and funding in as fast as 1 business day.
Merchant Cash Advances
Loans range from $10,000 ‐ $10,000,000. Terms range from 2 months to 10 years Factor rates range from 5 to 25%.
Switching merchant processors is Not Required.
Decisions in as little as in couple of hours and funding in as fast as 1 business day.
We fund first position as well as second and even third positions.
On a slow day your business remits less; on a busy day it remits more; Remittances are made through. processing credit and debit card sales; there is no maturity date and no fixed payment amounts.


Minimum Requirements

Minimum monthly gross revenue is $10,000
Minimum time in business is 3 months
No open bankruptcy
There is no minimum credit score requirement

Required documents for business loans

One-page application
3 month of the most recent bank statements
3 month of the most recent processing statements
if you process credit cards


“Markets become more and more complex and competitive; static investment methodologies also become obsolete and result in commoditized returns with unfavorable risk characteristics. Innovation is necessary to survive and thrive.”

Investment Philosophy

  • The firm consistently seeks to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns in all market environments with low volatility and no correlation to major asset classes through allocations to alpha-generating global macro investment strategies, while maintaining focus on capital preservation and risk management.
  • Integrated risk management, capital allocation and portfolio construction process is based on a pragmatic blend of qualitative and quantitative variables.
  • Portfolio Construction

  • Warriors Capital opportunistically allocates capital globally with the general goal to maximize risk-adjusted returns with low volatility and no correlation to major asset classes.
  • Warriors Capital compliments the bottom-up portfolio construction process with a top-down risk management system designed to maintain the selected risk profile of the fund.
  • Risk Management

  • Comprehensive risk management on each position, at individual strategy, and at the whole aggregate portfolio level; Disciplined, yet flexible and opportunistic asset allocation.
  • Rigorous, persisitent, real-time monitoring of exposure; Detailed and robust forward-looking scenarios analysis.


    “Warriors Capital leadership is experienced in managing the complex issues of an investment management organization”

    Warriors Capital has a strong commitment to hire individuals who demonstrate exceptional intellect, ability and drive. We focus on identifying and hiring those individuals who can not only strengthen our investment and operational platforms, but who we also believe will make positive contributions to our firm and culture.

    College Candidates:

    We recruit on college campuses for our Investment Associate, Management Associate, and Technology Associate programs for full-time and internship positions. In addition, we recruit business school graduates and other high potential leaders for our Senior Investment Associate and Senior Management Associate programs. If you are from a school where we do not visit, please submit an application.

    MBA Candidates:

    Warriors Capital will post sector-specific equity research position(s) on the on-campus job bank on or about September 1. Candidates who are interested will apply according to the rules of the school. Resumes will be screened and candidates will be chosen for a phone interview generally within two weeks of the resume submittal date. After the first round phone interview, we will choose the second round candidates to interview in our New York City office. Each candidate will be required to come prepared with a "long" stock pitch and a "short" stock pitch. Pitches should be written out and include relevant backup data from publicly available information. Most second round interviews will result in a final decision. In some instances, there may be an additional interview in which the candidate will come to one of our offices.

    About the Firm

    “No investment processes, however rigorously followed, can substitute for intelligence, good judgment, expansive knowledge, hard work, innovation and a cohesive team”

    Investment Management

    We developed a global macro trading system that works well in all economic environments; We established a stellar track record on trading equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies using global macro investment strategy; We conducted extensive research on the creation, management, operations, and strategies employed concerning the entire spectrum of hedge funds, so we understand every aspect of a hedge fund operation.

    Small Business loan and Merchant Cash Advance

    Warriors Capital is one of the most versatile and innovative lender in the country because it has more funding options than any other lender in the industry. We have a numerous in house funders that concentrate on specific industries/businesses, while also having numerous outside funding partners with whom we are able to fund “outside‐the‐box” deals and deals that are considered very high risk deals that most lenders don’t even want to touch in the industry. Our strong relationship with all our multi‐billion dollar funding partners allow us the get the impossible deals funded and every possible avenue explored and our loans are basically tailored to every small business owner’s needs so in other worlds, we simply have the best business loan programs in the country and that’s the bottom line.

    Contact Us

    Tel: 212-729.7148
    Fax: 212.729.7026
    14 Wall Street, 20th Floor,
    New York, NY, 10005